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Thanks Giving! Gratitude Attitude

Thanks Giving! Thanksgiving is a focus time for gratitude and extending that attitude to family, friends and strangers. It is a "feel good time." It is a time when our hearts and pockets open to share and create blessings for others. This is a time we focus on...

Six Minutes in the Heart of the Divine

Changing Attitudes Living Light It takes a moment to slip in consciousness and forget our higher standards we agreed to live that will keep us on the road of our sacred intentions. When we loose our higher standards, we sink into the lower living qualities for days....

All Souls Day – Samhain

We all have loved ones whose soul has left the Earth and lives in Spirit. We miss them. We want to communicate with them. Some people communicate with their loved ones and ancestors. Other’s may not. Still other’s cannot even fathom the possibility. Yet many cultures...


“I was immediately inspired”

I opened the second cryptogram, from the 72 Names of God, on my large iPad and while softening my focus, the shapes melted in to one another and became a whole new shape, the colors muted then brightened, the shapes danced together then apart and I heard a high end...

“The 72 Names of God initiate the flow of healing energy at a much deeper level than any other modality I have encountered.”

For more than three years I have utilized cryptograms in healing sessions. In each case the cryptograms greatly enhance the healing modality. One client suffered from both physical and emotional dis-ease. In addition to psoriatic arthritis, she experienced general...

“The energy of stress…has lifted”

Still continuing my flight training. I listened to the Akashic CD and viewing the cryptogram you sent me, and am now feeling more relaxed about it. The energy of stress in regards to learning and testing for the information learned, that I was carrying, has lifted....

“You’re a miracle worker!!”

Katherine I used it and of course it helped immensely!! I completed my slides around 6:30 am for my presentation at 9 (a little too just-in-time) and it went really well!! Even helped my commute - smoother and much shorter than my last few trips to this client. You're...

“these cryptograms are miraculous movers of consciousness”

Katherine, I am delighted to speak of the Timeless Cryptograms of Healing®. I began using the Cryptograms for the five stages of change. I was stuck and could not move from a very boring job. I listened to the CD you sent, visualized the cryptogram, and spoke the...

“your writings open a new understanding!”

I am so much enjoying revisiting this material and reading your synthesis of the wisdom you received from the All-That-Is! I have the Yehuda Berg book The 72 Names of God: Technology for the Soul. I haven’t looked at it for quite some time and, as is usually the case,...

Featured Cryptogram

Just as the Creator Created, so do we. A desire of the heart-mind is a call to create. Moving our mind into the realm of Origination, we understand we are at the moment of knowing everything already is. We simply begin to draw the energy from the Divine Intention and give focus to bringing our desire forward. Following the 4-passageways of creation, we begin in oneness with the creative force of knowing that our desire “was” in existence before we personally thought or desired it. Read more

Soul Searching Produces:
Karmic Healing
Union of a Higher Order of Living

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

When you feel the union of your Mind and Heart with the Divine, you create the passageway for prayers to be answered.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Sound reflects the Living Voice of the Divine expression in matter.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Live with an open mind and an open heart.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

LOVE is the karma that guides us through all dimensions, to connect us with Divine Conscious and see the I AM.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

See today as the eye of the Divine sees it.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Illuminate your inner being. Let your beauty shine out.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

For the next 7 days arise and just say, "Thank You."

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Welcome the power of change.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Light is to be Lived

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Take your step and:
May the past not influence you and the future not concern you.
May the beauty of what may be experienced in new ways entice you.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Intelligence -- The Right Use of Consciousness 
Logic and Intuition is used
Awareness and compassion expressed
Mind and Heart revealed

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

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