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Dark Night of the Soul or Not?

Is Our Soul the Culprit of the Deep Darkness? The dark night of the soul is a time when we move into the biggest challenge of our mind, emotions, and most certainly our ego.  We are frozen.  We have no answers to get out of one or more of the greatest challenges of...

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4th of July Cryptogram

Celebrating the 4th of July. Affirmation: We honor our blessings as American People. We acknowledge the United States of America has a true purpose: Bringing forth the blessings of our forefathers, immigrants all, who called forth the gates of this land to remain open with regenerative compassion and full awareness that America is an all inclusive homeland. Let us continue with the power of our humanitarian spirit and express unconditional love in all ways to all people!

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Happy Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice! Listen to the beautiful vibration of the Infinite Light as it is Revealed. Affirming: The Infinite Light is Revealed. It contains me in Joy, Love, and states of empowerment.   https://youtu.be/VwzgN_vmWCs

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How Do We Achieve Oneness? 

  A deep desire to be one with the Being who Created us has been in my heart and as a life-quest since very early childhood.  After a deeply moving mystical experience at age 19,  I began to explore beyond my family church to discover more of what I was seeing,...

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Father’s Day Cryptogram

Celebrating Father's Day with a toning and cryptogram. Affirming: On this day I honor the Father of All Life, the Father who gave me life on this Earth, and all Fathers. I honor the gifts of love, the wisdom taught to speak my truth, the blessings of how to take self...

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Cosmic Exposure – June 13, 2018

Cosmic Exposure - June 13, 2018 At 1:43:08 pm MDT the Moon and Sun conjoin at 22 Degrees 44 minutes in Gemini. Mercury, though in the sign of Cancer, is in a union of arching energy with the Moon and Sun and will help communication be more in alignment with...

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A Talk with Jesus

Recently I worked with a client who was bemoaning a life lived in sin. From teen years through parenthood, this person kept opening the doorway of belief in being a sinner. This belief lifted its ugly head quite strongly as the family works through a huge challenge of...

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