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Cosmic Exposure – June 13, 2018

Cosmic Exposure - June 13, 2018 At 1:43:08 pm MDT the Moon and Sun conjoin at 22 Degrees 44 minutes in Gemini. Mercury, though in the sign of Cancer, is in a union of arching energy with the Moon and Sun and will help communication be more in alignment with...

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A Talk with Jesus

Recently I worked with a client who was bemoaning a life lived in sin. From teen years through parenthood, this person kept opening the doorway of belief in being a sinner. This belief lifted its ugly head quite strongly as the family works through a huge challenge of...

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Celebrating Graduation

In honor of all those who are graduating, here is a Timeless Cryptogram of Healing for Celebrating Graduation.  

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Please enjoy this blessing of our Cryptogram to honor the Divine Mother and all mothers.

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Celebrate Earth – Earth Day 2018

April 22, 2018 is Earth Day. Why not celebrate and honor Earth Mother everyday? We can bring our conscious awareness to the vibrations we are imprinting on Earth Mother. What is your signature? Relax, breath and center yourself as you listen to the sound vibration of Celebrate Earth.

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“We Have to Live It” by Mike Gadell

“I must have been a little monster!” Katherine Bell says with a laugh as she describes some of her earliest experiences as a seer. “You must treat your baby brother nicer,” the entity she calls a guardian kept telling her. “He would tell me how to live my life, and to...

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The Art of Divine Presence

Deep into a meditation a vision occurred. It was a grand tapestry. I could not find its edges. There was no boundary. The tapestry continued to expand and expand. Right from the heart of it, more threads were added to the tapestry. The art was of Earth, Galaxies, and...

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