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Cryptogram for helping Disaster Victims

A Client/Student asked me if I knew what the word Zaka meant.  I knew it was Hebrew but did not know what it means.  Its ultimate meaning is True Kindness.  However it also means:  Identification, Extraction and Rescue.  In Israel there is a first responders group,...

Six Senses? How about Seven?

How are You Using Your Senses? Hello everyone: Ah, pardon me for being so behind on my weekly messages.  I have an excuse.  I've been in the sanctuary of completing the book, THE 72 NAMES OF G0D, Healing Codes for Sacred Living.  Writing and  rewriting through the...

A Note of Love!

As Hurricane Harvey moved across our land, many people found their lives devastated.  Others found the depth of sadness in their heart for the destruction that harmed their family, friends and those unknown to them.   My heart saddened to know that a storm was...


Katherine, I am delighted to speak of the Timeless Cryptograms of Healing®. I began using the Cryptograms for the five stages of change. I was stuck and could not move from a very boring job. I listened to the CD you sent, visualized the cryptogram, and spoke the affirmation. In fact, I carried each one with me as I changed levels. I did not have to go through all five stations of change. By the third one I shared a deep need to make a change with my husband. He was very encouraging. A few days later I gave my resignation. Today I am living me dream as a Reiki Healer! Thank you for listening to the Divine...these cryptograms are miraculous movers of consciousness. 

Rachel R.

Katherine I used it and of course it helped immensely!! I completed my slides around 6:30 am for my presentation at 9 (a little too just-in-time) and it went really well!! Even helped my commute - smoother and much shorter than my last few trips to this client. You're a miracle worker!! 

Jane T.

I am so much enjoying revisiting this material and reading your synthesis of the wisdom you received from the All-That-Is! I have the Yehuda Berg book The 72 Names of God: Technology for the Soul. I haven’t looked at it for quite some time and, as is usually the case, your writings open a new understanding! Thank you for sharing this with the world, Katherine ♥♥♥

Anne Christine Tooley


Still continuing my flight training. I listened to the Akashic CD and viewing the cryptogram you sent me, and am now feeling more relaxed about it. The energy of stress in regards to learning and testing for the information learned, that I was carrying, has lifted. Amen! Thank you so much for that blessing!!! and sharing the codes and CD. I am very grateful. 

Trish D.

Featured Cryptogram



Affirmation: I reach out and help those who have come through disasters. All who need assistance are identified. I know the Divine is guiding everyone through the agency of love and compassion. Divine Benevolence is at work.


Soul Searching Produces:
Karmic Healing
Union of a Higher Order of Living

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

When you feel the union of your Mind and Heart with the Divine, you create the passageway for prayers to be answered.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell


Sound reflects the Living Voice of the Divine expression in matter.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell


Live with an open mind and an open heart.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

LOVE is the karma that guides us through all dimensions, to connect us with Divine Conscious and see the I AM.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

See today as the eye of the Divine sees it.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Illuminate your inner being. Let your beauty shine out. 

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

For the next 7 days arise and just say, "Thank You."

~ Rev. Katherine Bell


Welcome the power of change.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell


Light is to be Lived

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

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