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New Moon

Hazel & Grapevine August 11, 2018

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Cosmic Influence – New Moon August 2018

New Moon occurs August 11, 2018 very early in the morning. It is in perfect New Moon alignment at 3:57:38 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time. The Moon is in perfect alignment with the Sun at 18 Degrees 41 Minutes in Leo. Moving in retrograde motion are: Mercury, Mars,...

Moon Mother Musings – Hazel & Grapevine: The Dancing Sisters of Faith, Wholeness, and Abundance!

Bushes and trees are a lush green. Our Apple Tree has a few apples that the birds have not found. The days have been filled with summer heat, clouds and rain. We needed a good soaking to quell the fires. I pray for a good soaking for everyone who has fires raging, who needs to be cooled, and who simply may desire the joy of a summer-ending rain.  As this newsletter reaches you, temperatures are cooling,  nights are longer than days, and I’m feeling ready for the seasonal changes that are soon to begin.

Harvest Cryptogram

Cryptogram and toning (sound vibrational healing) to honor the harvest in our lives.

Soul Searching Produces:
Karmic Healing
Union of a Higher Order of Living

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

When you feel the union of your Mind and Heart with the Divine, you create the passageway for prayers to be answered.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Sound reflects the Living Voice of the Divine expression in matter.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Live with an open mind and an open heart.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

LOVE is the karma that guides us through all dimensions, to connect us with Divine Conscious and see the I AM.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

See today as the eye of the Divine sees it.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Illuminate your inner being. Let your beauty shine out.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

For the next 7 days arise and just say, "Thank You."

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Welcome the power of change.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Light is to be Lived

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Take your step and:
May the past not influence you and the future not concern you.
May the beauty of what may be experienced in new ways entice you.

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Intelligence -- The Right Use of Consciousness 
Logic and Intuition is used
Awareness and compassion expressed
Mind and Heart revealed

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Be Your Best and Then Improve to Bring Forth the Divine Within You

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

Life is Good! Let's Celebrate That Reality!

~ Rev. Katherine Bell

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